This website is NOT affiliated with the Undernet IRC Network in any capacity. This is a privately operated website.

Ready to learn?

Congratulations! You’ve found QueenElsa’s website. It’s chock full of useful information pertaining to IRC. Much of this information centers around the Undernet IRC Network specifically, as this website is a defacto Undernet manual.

Here you’ll learn things such as the basics of IRC, to more advanced things such as handling flooders. Much of this information is also available on other websites that QueenElsa manages, like the #USA @ Undernet website.

You’ll also discover some pretty unique scripts for the AdiIRC/mIRC client. Some of the scripts you find here are written by QueenElsa, while others were written by other scripters but modified by QueenElsa to add new functionality. In cases where an existing script was edited, credit is given to the last known author of the script.